Saint Lucia Travel Guide

Dino and I just got back from Saint Lucia this past weekend. Each year we are trying to go on an international trip during the summer. We decided we wanted to go to a tropical destination so we could sip on Rum and lay on the beach (why did we leave again?).
We split our vacation into two different locations, Soufriere and Castries. I'd highly recommend either splitting your time between the two cities or staying in the Castries (the capital) and taking a day trip or two to Soufriere. If you do stay in Soufriere I would recommend staying in a resort versus Airbnb (if you can swing the steep resort prices).
Dino and I spent six days at an Airbnb in the fishing village Soufriere which is nestled in the rain forest. I don't think either of us was expecting how authentic this stay would be. The actual city is poor but has a very colorful culture. I don't think they were used to having that many tourists around, especially during the offseason. Although everyone was welcoming, the city experience was overwhelming in my opinion. I guess you could say this was the least westernized experience I've had.
What made staying in Soufriere the most interesting was although we had access to a few resorts in the area, while in the city of Soufriere and learning the "local Islander way," the resorts felt so far away. And when I say non-westernized experience think goats, chickens, dogs, cats, horses, unpaved roads, unfinished homes, and general chaos. I don't want this to be a negative connotation to the city, it's just beyond my own experiences because I've mostly traveled to Europe or more touristy locations in South America.
What to do in Soufriere: Hike the Gros Piton 5/5: This was a very, very difficult hike. I wouldn't even call this hike, it was a climb. It generally takes two hours to climb up, and two hours to climb down. Personally, I thought the view and hike itself was rewarding. Sugar Beach, a ViceRoy Resort 5/5: This place is amazing! It's a luxurious beach with a relaxing restaurant and separate beach bar. The resort is in the middle of the two Pitons so a great view as well. They aren't that keen on guests, but worth going to on a beautiful day when there are plenty of other guests. Anse Chastanet and Anse Mamin- 5/5: Both of these beaches are located at the main resort (Anse Chastanet). I would recommend snorkeling there by the coral reef and heading over to the private beach Anse Mamin (10 min walk) for burgers and strong drinks! It feels like a private beach and was hardly occupied when we were there. Tet Nature Trail-3/5: Chill 40-minute nature trail with a tour guide, I would recommend skipping this one unless you are really interested in learning more about the local produce. Sulpher Springs and Mud Bath- 4/5: This was a pretty cool thing to do! They take you on a guided tour explaining the live volcano and history. Then you are able to take a mud bath with the ashes/mud from the volcano. It's super relaxing! I would go later on at night as the daytime gets packed with other tourists. ATV Tour- 5/5: We used the Mystic Man company. Super fun and exciting to go on the off-road trails, if you are an adrenaline junkie you'll have a great time. Castries: This city is far more developed so there is generally more to do. We stayed at our resort for the majority of the time after our adventures in Soufriere (oh, and had Dino finally take some pictures to add here!). Pigeon Island 5/5: A great place to walk around and enjoy a little trail, beautiful beaches, and historical sights.