What I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Puppy

It all started over a year ago when Dino and I started scrolling through countless pictures of puppies every night. We would stay up in our studio obsessing over cute puppies and then after a while, we started doing some research of our own. How long does training take? Friendliest breed? What breed doesn't shed? Little did we know... we would land with the best puppy I could have asked for: WAFFLE!

Dino and I started watching dogs from Rover, an app that helps dog owners and dog sitters find one another. We watched countless dogs all ranging from a large Golden Doodle, a Havanese, and a tiny Yorkie. I'd recommend watching a friend or family's puppy or download Rover and give it a try to see if you are ready for this commitment. It also helped us decide on a breed and figure out what was best for our lifestyle. For example, we got a small breed because we live in an apartment in Chicago. Here are a few things we've realized...

Dogs are EXPENSIVE: Will you need a dog walker? Are your dogs shots updated? Do you have enough toys? Will your pup need to get spayed ore neutered? Puppy pads? What kind of food is best (I'll give you a hint it's probably organic $$$)? Dog expenses add up, make sure that you are financially ready. I think that expecting at least $1,000 for a puppy or dog (this isn't counting the price of adopting/breeder) should be accounted for within in the first year or even first few months depending on how old your pup is.

Dogs need to SOCIALIZE: Waffle needs to be taken on a walk to the dog park every single day. We allow him to sniff, wrestle, and just be around other dogs at least once a day on the weekdays, and usually twice on the weekends.

FORGET happy hour: The most challenging part of having a pup is feeling guilty. I find myself rushing home after work, versus running a few errands or working out right after. I now have to plan my "me" time more cautiously. It takes a lot more time to plan my schedule so Waffle isn't alone for more than a few hours. Also, if you have a full-time job, forget going out Friday nights! You'll want to just hang with your furry friend.

Having a YARD is key: No, I do not have a yard in Chicago, however, I have a small dog and a walk out patio that leads to a dog run. I knew after watching numerous pups that having a way to get a dog who needs to be taken out every few hours is important. Make sure you think through how much energy and potty training your dog will need beforehand.

Waffle attacking my camera, haha. :)

You might love your dog TOO much: I'm only half kidding. I've found that half of Dino and I's conversations revolve around Waffle. It's so exciting to see your pup grow, learn, and start to love you too. I wouldn't trade my little guy for anything in the world. :)