What to do in Seattle: 48 Hours

Hi, All! It's been a while. Dino and I have made it a tradition to travel over our winter break because it's one of the only times of the year we have two weeks off from work! Our choice this year was the Pacific North West. We wanted to go someplace that we've been before with plenty of nature and good food. I won't deny that when Chicago's temperature began to dip below zero Mexico and Florida were hard to pass up, but I'm happy with our choice because it allowed us to do plenty of exploring.


Cafe Nouveau- A great french bakery with breakfast food, croissants, treats, coffee, and more. The cafe is located on Capitol Hill and has a friendly neighborhood ambiance. I would recommend the chocolate croissants because they are AMAZING.

Bacco Cafe- This restaurant is located near Pike's Place market. I was a little concerned the food wouldn't be good because it's in a touristy area, however, it didn't disappoint. The seafood breakfast dishes, smoothies, and overall fresh ingredients make for a great Seattle breakfast nook.

Lunch/Coffee- Starbucks Reserve- This place is a must! I wasn't sure which would be cooler, seeing the first Starbucks (directly across Pike Place Market) or going to the Reserve, but the Reserve wins. They have experimental coffee drinks, snacks, and the ambiance is very modern and retro.

Capitol Cider Bar (Pike Street)- This was one of my favorite bars that I've ever been to. They not only have cider flights on the menu, but they provide free games (Jenga, Uno, Battle Ship, etc.). On top of that, they play underground hip-hop like Atmosphere and Brother Ali. If you are an underground hip-hop nerd like me you'll love it!

Unicorn Bar- Not exactly my kind of bar, but I can see the appeal. The decor, menu, and arcade games create an eccentric bar with plenty of bright colors, and yes, unicorn statues.

Nature! -
Snoqualmie- Snoqualmie is a giant waterfall that runs about 30 minutes outside of the city. I would 100% recommend renting a car and going out to see the nature Seattle has to offer. It only took less than 20 minutes to get out of the city and find ourselves in a beautiful landscape filled with lush green pine trees, mountains, lakes, and a really fun hiking trail.

Mount Si- This was my favorite part of the trip because this area has great hiking areas that are peaceful and serene without any tourists either! The national park is only about 40 minutes or less from the city. Note: You will need to purchase a "Discover Pass" online, print it out, and place it on your car's dashboard before enjoying the sights.

Tourist $hit-
The Space Needle- We didn't end up going to The Space Needle because when we got there, the line was three hours long. I would suggest going online before making the trip there to buy tickets in advance.

Pike's Place- This is probably the number one tourist destination and it's very cool to see. I loved browsing the different little shops- they had everything from jewelry, seafood, and crafts. It's also right next to the gum wall and the pier, which had a gorgeous view of the Ferris wheel and ocean.