How to Host Friendsgiving

This weekend, Dino and I officially hosted our first Friendsgiving! I had an absolute blast with my friends and I wanted to give some tips on what I've learned:

1. Planning. Plan it a few months ahead and set a date at least two weeks before actual Thanksgiving. I'd recommend this because often times people are stressed out during this time of the year, and giving people more time to take a break from all of that turkey is usually necessary.

2. Plastic. Stick with plastic cups, plates, and silverware. It's much easier to clean up!

3. Communicate. Creating a Facebook group, email chain or group text will make things go smoother. It's a great place for people to "dibs" what they're bringing or mention food allergies, food sensitives, etc.

4. Potluck. One of my favorite parts of Friendsgiving is trying the different dishes everyone makes. No one said you have to stick to the traditional Thanksgiving dishes either! Also, the host should always make the meat dish. Especially the turkey, no one should have to transport a 16-lb turkey.

5. Music. Don't forget to make a playlist! I totally forgot about doing that this year, but thankfully Spotify came through with their "Friendsgiving playlist."

6. Alcohol. At first, I wanted to create some sort of cocktail for everyone coming. Buying alcohol and creating enough drinks for 12-14 people seemed a little crazy once I started to add things up. Instead, making it a BYOB (unless you're way more generous than me!) will save you time and money.

Don't be surprised if you end up liking Friendsgiving more than regular Thanksgiving. There tends to be more booze, a laid back atmosphere, and adventurous food!