How to Land Your Dream Job in Marketing

I quit my job at a startup company about a month ago. I was in utter shock about the future. Who was I going to be? What just happened? For anyone else reading this that has worked at a startup or small company, you know it can be a whirlwind of emotions. Going from dreaming about being bought out by a tech-giant like Google to the company shutting its doors for good was a roller-coaster. I couldn't believe that the results, friendship, and community that I built at my job could be swept under the rug in a matter of a few days. To say I felt lost was an understatement.

I wanted to write this to help anyone else who has felt similarly lost while searching for a job in marketing. It truly takes perseverance, research, and a few too many glasses of wine to find the right position. After tons of interviews over five months, I've learned a few noteworthy things:

1. You can learn SO much from the HR phone call- don't dismiss this one. If this is a job that you really, really want the best tip I can give you is to LISTEN. Make sure to jot down any "buzzwords" that HR is constantly giving you. From the current offer that I just received, my buzzword was "collaborate." Knowing this was my dream job, I made sure to jot down as many words, clues, and insights into the position as I could.

2. Only apply to jobs you would be proud to say you worked at. Otherwise you might find yourself advocating against the dissection of animals (yes, I may have interviewed for a non-profit like that). You might be able to tell that I applied to way too many jobs that weren't right for me. I either was not passionate about the position, or I was unqualified. I know it's easy to apply for any job, but having passion will make you shine at your interview.

3. Practice like you will be giving your inaugural speech as you're being sworn into office as the President of the United States. The first thing to tackle is the "about" speech. Chances are you will give the speech to every person you meet from the HR phone interview, all the way up the last round of interviews. It's key to nail this speech so you will be confident the rest of the interview. Other good things to memorize is the "Why do you want to work at blank?," "What are your strengths/weaknesses?," "Why you?," "What is your most significant accomplishment?" and so on. If you perfect the basic questions, the rest of the interview should go smoothly.

4. Research the company's site, social channels and who is interviewing you. The more you research, the more confident you'll be. I've also had a few interviewers ask how they could improve their marketing efforts or social channels so make sure to prepare something just in case!

5. Write down questions to ask before the in-person interview. Coming prepared to an interview with hand written and thought out questions and any research/recommendations will surely impress anyone!

6. Dress for success. My last blog post was about the importance of letting your personality show, no matter what you choose to wear.

I hope these tips helped anyone hoping to land their dream job in marketing. After searching for the perfect job for about five months, I finally found it. I know how hard, tiring, and frustrating it can be to keep the faith so remember that a lot of interviewing is about being yourself! You got this!

Dressed for Success

I like to call this phase of my life "the interviews." I did a quick google search about what to wear to interviews, and I found the results to be ridiculous. One article said, "Don't wear patterned shirts, heels, large jewelry, or perfume." I understand that wearing something conservative based on the industry can be better, but hopefully, people still let their personalities shine through.

I'm happy to announce that it's my favorite time of the year! There's something about fall that makes me "fall" in love with this season time and time again. I've seen these pleated skirts everywhere lately and I love the sophisticated look. I found this fall themed leather skirt from Zara!