Corduroy Jumper on Campus

10:09 AM

I can't believe that this is my third fall not going back to school. Although it feels like it has been that long, it certainly makes me realize how fast time has gone. I've never been the type that thrives in a school setting, but sometimes the fall makes me miss going back. I think it's because fall reminds me of a new start, but that should be happening regardless soon enough.

This Sunday Dino and I walked around the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park. Since I've never been there, and Dino hadn't since before he started his MBA on the downtown campus, we decided to make our way over there. The campus was serene with its gardens, architecture, and overall prestigiousness, I was in awe.

I wore this corduroy jumper that I recently purchased at H&M. I remember having a similar jumper during my childhood, talk about throwback!

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