Irresistible Me Review

9:34 AM

I've always had naturally curly hair and one thing that I cannot stand doing is straightening my hair. In the past, I bought cheap straighteners because I didn't want to make an investment in something that I didn't think I would use. Before I would have to set aside an extra 30 minutes to style my hair, straightening each piece. #curlyhairprobs

I started using Irresistible Me's diamond hair styler, a professional styling iron. I'm able to finish my hair in ten minutes or less because the iron not only heats up fast, but you can change the settings to find the right degrees for your hair. This is perfect for my hair because I have the most stubborn waves that never want to stay stick straight, I'm pretty sure I use the hottest setting haha. I'm so happy I found something that works for me!

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