Traveling Tips for Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam, oh Amsterdam you didn't disappoint and it wasn't for reasons some of you might think. Personally, I've always thought of Amsterdam as the place where travelers go to smoke weed, visit the Red Light District, and parrrttyyyy.

There was way more to this city than the rumors that have been circulating through our imaginations since we were kids. In all honesty, you had to seek out the Red Light District, "cafes", and the nightlife seemed like any other metropolitan city. Rather, I fell in love with the canals lining the many rows of trees, cobblestone streets, and bikes that flooded the streets. I had never seen that many bikes in my lifetime because this city was meant for bikers and no other means of transportation.

If you can tell from the pictures above there was a lot of jet lag included with the first city we visited. I was one sleepy person, but that never stops me while traveling.

Danny's Bike Shop is a great place to rent bikes from for 10 Euros a day. We biked around the Jordaan and De Pijp area which are two neighborhoods I would recommend checking out. We also visited the city centrum and the touristy "I am Amsterdam" sign. Behind the sign is a beautiful park that a lot of people picnic in. One of my favorite things we did was grab food and wine from the local grocery store and enjoy the park.

We went to our first restaurant that Anthony Bourdain, the American chef and TV personality, recommended called the Upstairs Pancake House. This was one of my favorite experiences in the city because the restaurant had only four tables and was owned by an older woman who was delighted when you raved about how delicious her pancakes were (and that was no lie, they were AMAZING).

The food was amazing everywhere but two specific things I would recommend trying would be the Stroopwafels from a street vendor, think warm soft cookies with caramel in the middle, and Bitterballen, think fried goodness with gravy and meat in the middle.

Overall, this city exceeded my expectations. There is a ton of culture and beauty within the city streets and along the beautiful canals. For such a vibrant city, it has a peaceful onset that attracts visitors from all over the world. Until next time, Amsterdam.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I loved travelling in Amsterdam and I completely agree that it's a lot more than its reputation would have you think!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Thank you!! It definitely surprised me- I'm glad you had a similar experience. :)