De Pijp Cool (Amsterdam)

11:05 AM

There's so much to say, but I hope these photos clear up something. Amsterdam cleared my palate, it reminded me why I need Europe. I need Europe for the small, cobblestone streets, the chattering of languages that I'll never know, and the sense that I'm just a small part of this world.

This trip was meant to test our patience (they lost our luggage the first day). This trip was meant to question my lifestyle, no, not just is it really okay to eat THIS much bread? But that life is meant to be slowed down, that traveling by foot is much better than by car, that life is much simpler than we all could imagine.

The conclusion: I am lucky, I am lost, I am happy, I have the best life, I want to change my life. I'm thankful that love is greater than anything else and that I've found it.

This post is just the beginning of a slew of posts about my Europe trip (Netherlands, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia). These pictures were taken in our Airbnb in the hipster neighborhood of De Pijp.

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