Off the Shoulder Weekend Wear

1:56 PM

Don't let the view fool you, beautiful or not, it's still cold! Just as the weather started to warm up in Chicago it drops again, typical. I feel that I talk about weather way too often, but this was one of the coldest shoots I've done since February!

I had a great weekend with my sister who was visiting from Minneapolis. We had drinks with my boyfriend at GreenRiver, a new rooftop that opened in Chicago, where I wore this outfit.

That Saturday, I had a few friends from Milwaukee in town and we all went to the nightclub Underground. It was my first time going and if you are looking for a fun night club in Chicago- go there! We ended up seeing the Bachelorettes from Ben's season (if you are familiar with the reality show). It was so much having my sister here and enjoying the Chicago nightlife, I kind of felt like a tourist since I don't go to clubs here that often. If you decide to go to Underground I would highly suggest going early around 11 (even if it stays open until 5am) so you don't have to pay cover or wait in a long line.

I LOVE the off the shoulder trend this year. This shirt pairs well with white jeans (I love the distressed look) and a pair of wedges. I will probably wear this outfit when it actually gets a little nicer out, maybe this weekend it'll be nice enough? You never know.

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  1. I'm totally in love with the off the shoulder look, too! I am going to need to grab a few of those tops before the weather gets warmer. Great post :)

    1. Thanks! I agree, they are my go-to for the warmer weather. :)