Brunch Bliss at Summerhouse Santa Monica

12:24 PM

If every day could be Sunday, I think I'd be the happiest person in the world. Dino and I spent our Sunday bike riding on Lake Shore Drive, attended brunch and Lincoln Park Wine Fest, and last but not least, watched Game of Thrones for an end to a perfect day. Like I said, I wouldn't mind reliving a Sunday like this more often.

We had brunch at Summerhouse Santa Monica in Lincoln Park. The actual city of Santa Monica is one of our favorite places because it's one of the first trips we took together, so any reminder of the beautiful beach town is a plus. I've been here for brunch before and it only gets better and better. Not only is the ambiance breezy and Californiaesque, the food and drinks are also fresh and delicious. It always fills up fast, especially on a beautiful Sunday so definitely reserve first. :)

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