Chicago's Finest- Brunch at Siena Tavern

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! Brunch seems to get a bad rep because many of us associate it with "basic" girls and guys that have an excuse to drink in the mornings after a long night out. For me, it's entirely something different. Brunch is the rare time we slow down our mornings with a sense of community, relaxation, and conversation. Rather than eating breakfast on the couch, waking up early to go to the gym, or grabbing something on the go, weekday mornings aren't the least bit relaxing.

My boyfriend and I are always early risers on the weekend. We are usually the first ones to brunch at 10 am, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's a great time to put away our phones, enjoy coffee or a cocktail, and talk about anything that comes to mind. Siena Tavern is a great place for brunch. I've had dinner here previously, but brunch has become a must-have here. The food was fresh, the location perfect, and the cocktails were great.

Brunch Bliss at Summerhouse Santa Monica

If every day could be Sunday, I think I'd be the happiest person in the world. Dino and I spent our Sunday bike riding on Lake Shore Drive, attended brunch and Lincoln Park Wine Fest, and last but not least, watched Game of Thrones for an end to a perfect day. Like I said, I wouldn't mind reliving a Sunday like this more often.

We had brunch at Summerhouse Santa Monica in Lincoln Park. The actual city of Santa Monica is one of our favorite places because it's one of the first trips we took together, so any reminder of the beautiful beach town is a plus. I've been here for brunch before and it only gets better and better. Not only is the ambiance breezy and Californiaesque, the food and drinks are also fresh and delicious. It always fills up fast, especially on a beautiful Sunday so definitely reserve first. :)

Favorite Spring Dresses Under $25

I've officially found my go-to white dress for the summer and my Euro trip- I can't believe I'll be leaving in a little over a month!

With so many formal events coming up (weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.) it's always key to find some great spring dresses to revamp your wardrobe. I listed below a few of my favorite types of dresses that are trending this season and they are all under $25! I bought this dress and Zara for $22 if you are interested you can find it here.

1. Exposed Shoulders

2. Colorful Maxi Dresses

3. Tassels

4. Ruffles

5. Bold Stripes

Fringe and Chokers

I'm a little late on the fringe game, but guess who bought me this coat?! My mom. She's the best. She sent me a picture of it letting me know it was on sale- for $10. Now I know where I get my love for deals from! Since I was a little girl running around the department stores with my hands filled with the latest coupons, my mom has always taught me how to hunt for a good sale.

At first, I was a little hesitant about the jacket. How would it look in person? Was my boyfriend right, did I look like Pocahontas? (He's only half kidding I hope). After I wore it I fell in love with the fringe detail and it pairs perfectly with a choker.

I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day weekend because if your mom is anything like mine she deserves 365 days dedicated to her!

Off the Shoulder Weekend Wear

Don't let the view fool you, beautiful or not, it's still cold! Just as the weather started to warm up in Chicago it drops again, typical. I feel that I talk about weather way too often, but this was one of the coldest shoots I've done since February!

I had a great weekend with my sister who was visiting from Minneapolis. We had drinks with my boyfriend at GreenRiver, a new rooftop that opened in Chicago, where I wore this outfit.

That Saturday, I had a few friends from Milwaukee in town and we all went to the nightclub Underground. It was my first time going and if you are looking for a fun night club in Chicago- go there! We ended up seeing the Bachelorettes from Ben's season (if you are familiar with the reality show). It was so much having my sister here and enjoying the Chicago nightlife, I kind of felt like a tourist since I don't go to clubs here that often. If you decide to go to Underground I would highly suggest going early around 11 (even if it stays open until 5am) so you don't have to pay cover or wait in a long line.

I LOVE the off the shoulder trend this year. This shirt pairs well with white jeans (I love the distressed look) and a pair of wedges. I will probably wear this outfit when it actually gets a little nicer out, maybe this weekend it'll be nice enough? You never know.