Floral Kimono

7:38 PM

From the days of begging my mom to let me wear my pink floral dress to school everyday in second grade, to now, floral has always been my favorite thing to wear in the spring. To no one's surprise I've seen floral print everywhere lately. This print is so versatile and look great on dresses, shirts, etc. which you can style to make it look girly, boho or you can dress it up for a night out. I love it!

I wore this outfit to work and this picture was taken during my lunch break with my blogger friend, Aspasela. She usually shoots my looks and I shoot hers! It's great to way to collaborate with another blogger and always a fun time (even when it's freezing out like today).

I found this kimono at Marshalls, but I've recently spotted some even cuter kimonos at Anthropologie. :)

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  1. loving how you belted the kimono!


    1. Thank you! Yeah it definitely gives it more of a fitted/ flattering look. :)

  2. such a cute look, i love your shoes

    Kierra | Lavishingg