Top 5 Chokers

Happy Thursday! My sister is coming to Chicago this weekend and I can't wait to show her around! We will probably end up going shopping (and I will end up with more chokers haha). I plan on taking her to the West Loop and around River North.

I've blogged about chokers before, but I never realized how many different kinds there were until I went to purchase my own. I'm wearing a wild west choker that pairs well with a leather jacket and ripped jeans. I love how a choker can add so much detail, edge and appeal to a simple outfit whether you are going out or hanging out for the day. I listed some of my favorite types of chokers available.

Simplistic Black with Detail

Wild West

Chunky with Bling

Simplistic Gold

Cloth or Lace

High-Waisted Neutral Shorts

Happy Tuesday! The weather yesterday in Chicago was absolutely beautiful. I was able to wear shorts and a tank top which rarely happens in April. If you are ever looking to visit Chicago I would recommend booking your trip early June-September because of the unpredictable spring weather.

I love soft hues for spring because it gives my wardrobe a feminine and classic touch. These shorts are from Missguided and they have a little bowtie on the back. I bought them on sale, but if you are interested you can find similar ones here or down below.

Bomber Jacket and Aviators

Spring in Chicago doesn't last that long, but it usually leaves us with a few weeks of nice weather. The transition of weather is really insane- today I'm wearing a winter jacket, yesterday this bomber and Sunday it's supposed to be 80 degrees, so maybe a swimsuit? I feel like I'm constantly updating my weather app to dress for the weather.

I've been trying to step up my sunglass game so I checked out Firmoo. Although I don't wear prescription sunglasses, the site has a ton of non-prescription sunglasses that are trendy and inexpensive. I love finding a great deal on quality sunglasses, so I am putting these cat eye sunglasses and retro sunglasses on my wish list. I picked out these aviators because they are my go-to for an everyday kind of look.

I paired these aviators with a bomber jacket and I was told I looked like I'm in the Airforce (haha). If you are interested in the same one I found at Akria, check it out here. I've also seen some adorable bombers at Zara as well. It's the perfect coat for spring because it's light weight and versatile.

In collaboration with Firmoo.

Lace Florals and Slip-Ons

Happy Monday! I was excited to revamp my wardrobe this weekend by organizing all of my spring attire and putting away bulky sweaters and boots. Chicago's weather was incredible and it felt amazing to shed off some layers. I'm training for a half marathon in June and I was able to run along the Lakeshore Saturday and Sunday, I even got a little  bit of color. :)

I needed a new pair of comfy yet casual shoes for the warmer weather so I invested in these slip-on shoes. These shoes are the comfiest I own, besides my converses, and they are easy to style. I listed the exact same pair down below from TopShop.

Everyday Skinny Scarf

Happy Friday everyone! Tonight I'm going to a French cooking class with my boyfriend at Cook Au Vin in Bucktown. I've never done a cooking class of any sort, but since French food is my boyfriend's favorite type of food I decided to gift him this class for Valentine's Day. Neither of us are amazing chefs so it should be an entertaining class. If you're interested in watching follow me on Snapshat: SaraJ2028.

I love skinny scarves for an everyday look. I actually found this scarf for $5, you can find the same one here. It's the perfect thing to pair with a button-up shirt, denim jacket or dress. I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the nice weather. :)

Bell Sleeve Shirt

I can't help but intensely crave spring and summer lately. Rooftop lounges, the beach, shorts, plenty of time in the sun... the list goes on and on. April is always my least favorite month in the midwest because it gives you a taste of spring and then it's suddenly taken away by a big snow storm that keeps piling on. I've come to the realization that regardless of the annoying spring we always have here, summer is so close and summer in Chicago is the best!

Whether it's hanging out with friends, meeting up for brunch or running errands I love the off the shoulder look. I bought this shirt at Missguided for $10 and I've been waiting to wear it! Although this shirt would be better in warmer weather because of how flowy and breezy it is, I love it for spring too. My favorite part of this shirt is the bell sleeves and how they've been trending lately. It's such a fun look. :)

This shirt is still on sale at Missguided here. :)

Floral Kimono

From the days of begging my mom to let me wear my pink floral dress to school everyday in second grade, to now, floral has always been my favorite thing to wear in the spring. To no one's surprise I've seen floral print everywhere lately. This print is so versatile and look great on dresses, shirts, etc. which you can style to make it look girly, boho or you can dress it up for a night out. I love it!

I wore this outfit to work and this picture was taken during my lunch break with my blogger friend, Aspasela. She usually shoots my looks and I shoot hers! It's great to way to collaborate with another blogger and always a fun time (even when it's freezing out like today).

I found this kimono at Marshalls, but I've recently spotted some even cuter kimonos at Anthropologie. :)

Spring Florals

Happy Friday! I don't have any huge plans for the weekend, but those always turn out to be the best kind of weekends! I always enjoy exploring a different part of Chicago with my boyfriend and possibly finding a new place to eat (preferably somewhere with tacos and guac).

It's no secret that I love a simplistic look. I always feel the best when I'm wearing something comfortable because I admire an outfit that doesn't look like it's trying too hard. I fell for this floral shirt because it's everything I love- classic, feminine and it's easy to style a bunch of different ways. At first, I thought I would be pairing this top with black jeans and a simple pair of flats, but I decided to throw some ripped jeans on and make it a more casual look.

I wore this outfit while running errands around River North. I love these flats because you can dress them up or down like I've done here. I try to keep it pretty casual on the weekends, even though I live and work in the tourists destinations of Chicago! It takes a lot of energy dodging slow tourists that crowd the sidewalks. :)