A Weekend in Nashville

1:41 PM

Over the New Year I spent a few days in Nashville. The first thing I noticed about Nashville was the small city feel in a larger southern city. Every single bar had live music, the people were friendly and the food was all fried. I wanted to give a quick list of things that I would recommend doing if you had a weekend away.


Local Place:
Santa's Pub: Nashville townies, karaoke, cheap beer and rowdy people all in a trailer with an owner who looks like Santa. It's one of the weirdest experiences I've had, but it was a ton of fun.

Boot Leggers Inn: This bar had great seating, drinks and a communal feel. A lot of bars on this street are way crowded and frankly a little dirty, if you are looking for something chill go here.

Tootsies: There is three levels of various musicians playing and a ton of cheap drinks. The atmosphere is a bit chaotic but if you are looking for a big party go here.

Classy AF:
Patterson House: This place has amazing handcrafted cocktails in a speakeasy atmosphere. Be prepared to wait for a table, but it is definitely worth it.


Casual Lunch:
Flipside: This was my favorite place to eat in Nashville. They have fried chicken, tatar tots and various sauces all in one skillet. The atmosphere was an industrial, hipster feel. Apparently it's a new place on the street 12 South. I loved it!

Getting Fancy:
Adele's: This restaurant had amazing and unique American style cuisines. Think: Trout dip, Seafood Salad, Brussel Sprout Salad etc. I loved this trendy restaurant located in The Gulch area.


12 South: There were a ton of cute boutiques located on this block. The clothes here were preppy and had a sophisticated, southern look. I would check out Reese Witherspoon's new shop- Draper James. I would also check out Imogene and Willy for their classic denim jeans.

East Nashville: There are an abundance of thrift stores in East Nashville. If that's your thing I would check out Kittie's or Local Honey.


The Country Music Museum: If you like country music you should definitely check this out. The whole museum works like a timeline starting from the producer who founded Elvis, Sam Phillips, to a huge section on contemporary musicians such as Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. The whole museum took around two hours to get through so if you have time to kill check it out.

Hatch Show Print Shop: This was my favorite tour that I have been on. If you are interested in how print shops work and the history behind them, I would recommend going here to check out one of the first print shops in the world. This tour lasts about an hour and you get to create your own print.

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