4 Nashville Brunch Spots You Have to Try

11:46 AM

Over the New Year I spent four nights in Nashville. Living in Chicago, I'm  spoiled by innovative and delicious restaurants this city has to offer. I was impressed by Nashville's not only growing city, but the number of trendy food and growing food scene in each neighborhood. I had no idea what to expect when exploring Nashville and the copious amount of live music, friendly people and cuisine made for a great visit. I've listed some of my favorite restaurants I visited, unfortunately I didn't get to take pictures of everything we ate but I would recommend any of these places for a good time and great food! 


1. Marche Artisan Food- East Nashville, $$: This was my favorite brunch place by far. The food was fresh, unique and the ambiance was great as well. They have seasonal menu items, but if the crepes are available I would highly recommend the "savory" crepe. 

2. Frothy Monkey - 12 South or Downtown Nashville, $: I liked Frothy Monkey because of the laid back atmosphere and reasonably priced menu items. I would recommend the bloody mary and omelet. However, if you are looking to be waited on I would stray away from this restaurant because you have to wait in a (usually long) line to place an order then they will bring your food to you. 
3. Barista Parlor- East Nashville- $: This coffee house is a hipsters paradise. Although the ambiance is a little over the top for me, I really enjoyed the pour over coffee that they offered. I didn't get the food, but the chocolate bars are unreal. I would recommend this place when you are looking for a chill getaway. 

4. Atmalogy- Midtown- $: After way to much fried food I needed a break. We checked out Vanderbilt's campus and headed over to this cute cafe. I tried my first acaci bowl with fresh berries, coconut and granola. I loved the atmosphere of this cafe because it has a ton of small rooms filled with couches, interesting decorations and an overall relaxing vibe. I would recommend this place if you are sick of southern food and need a dose of avocado toast, smoothies and good coffee.

PS. Happy New Year! I hope this year is filled with amazing food!

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