Essential Basics

1:00 PM

I've come to realize that having certain basics have become a lot more useful than the things that are "in style" for the season. I know that this statement seems obvious but I've been prone to buying something because it's cute in the moment rather than thinking,"What could this go with?" When you have the basics down it becomes a lot easier to dress sharper and look more chic. I love this outfit because it's simple yet the added accessories make me look way more put together than I actually am. Think about it, basics are a guaranteed thing to throw on in the morning when you aren't looking to try hard and an easy thing to pair with when you are looking to pull off a new look.

I found this oversized sweater at Primark, the scarf at H&M and the shoes at Zara. I listed some basics I can't live without and some I'm currently on the look out for!

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  1. Love the colour of your top <3

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  2. Simple but very stylish outfit. Lovely.