Classic Denim Finds

I wanted to highlight this denim shirt I found at Forever 21 for $15! I love how simple and sleek it is because denim never goes out of style which is why I highlighted some denim items that have been on my own wish list for a while.


I've been pretty sick lately (hopefully, it doesn't show in these photos) so I've been going the comfortable route. I'm lucky that my job encourages me to dress the way I'd like to, meaning I can wear overalls! Who knew that these would come back into style. I haven't worn a pair of overalls since I was young, but I welcomed them with open arms back into my wardrobe.

Lace Up Suede

Happy Sunday! I've been the enjoying the last warm summer days in Chicago. Since it's technically fall, this dress is perfect for hot fall days and you can also wear it on chillier days with a pair of tight. I love the lace up look because you can wear something that has a more plunging neckline without feeling as exposed.

Denim on Denim

I had a fun event at the Greenheart Shop in Chicago. We took pictures around Old Town, one of my favorite spots in the city. I decided to wear denim on denim and pair it with a vintage scarf. My jeans are from Old Navy, my button up is from Forever 21, my boots are from Marshall's and the scarf was my grandma's (vintage!!).