Coast Beach Bar & Cafe- Santa Monica

As much as I love Chicago, I am especially missing the beach today. The first morning we were in Santa Monica we explored around our hotel and found this great cafe along the ocean. Here are a few pictures from Coast Beach Bar & Cafe that we found a few weeks ago. Pictured below are the waffles and Kale & Apple Re-juice.

Back to the Bay in LA

I'm officially in love with California. Pictured below is the aftermath of a seven-mile hike, getting lost in the mountains, calling a cab from the grocery store (first sign of civilization) back to our car, exploring Santa Monica and Venice Beach, seeing the most interesting people and enjoying the beautiful ocean.

Foodies in San Diego

Next to our hotel (La Valencia) was a quaint outdoor cafe place called Cody's. It had an amazing view of the ocean, mountains and palm trees- with absolutely amazing food too. It was definitely a win-win as far as brunch goes.
Pictured above from the menu is a cappuccino, farm harvest omelette and blueberry pancakes.
As soon as we got to San Diego we had lunch and drinks at our hotel. It had a great terrace overlooking the ocean- it is such a beautiful hotel I would recommend it to anyone. Pictured above is a crab grilled cheese sandwich, vegetable chicken soup and salad.

La Jolla-San Diego

We took a road trip from Santa Monica to San Diego this past weekend. It was my first time in San Diego and I am officially in love with this beach town. We stayed in the La Jolla area at the La Valencia hotel. It was an amazing time and I know I need to go back at some point to explore more of this beautiful city on the coast. After getting to the hotel we had some lunch and then headed to the cove to check out the sea lions on the shore. Once we were scared off by the sea lions we went downtown for our sailing trip. When we started our trip we spotted dolphins next to the sailboat accompanied by a great view of the skyline. I would recommend taking a sailboat ride- it's a beautiful way to see the city.
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